rooting agapanthus pups

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I purchased two agapanthus Ellamae plants over the weekend. I divided them before I planted them because there were at least three big plants in each pot. I guess I was a little too rough when dividing because four of the pups snapped off while I was sawing through the roots and crowns.

Can I root these pups? They have some crown on them, but no existing roots. I am wondering if I can put them in a little water and root them.

Lisa in central Mississippi

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Is there green wood?

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When seperating my agapanthus I have been pretty ruthless, and thus wound up with some rootless chunks of plants. Just for the heck of it, I've stuck them in the ground with zero expectation of survival and they've popped up each spring as readily as those delivered with TLC.

Don't know if this will work for you but mine have divided so prolifically that wrestling them out of the roots of my azaleas is oftentimes not pretty, but they always survive.

Having said that, my friend in Natchez, 60 miles or so due East of me has very little luck ever getting his to overwinter in the ground.

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