How long will veggies last here?

julieann_growJune 11, 2006

I'm trying to plan my Fall veggie garden and the Louisiana Ag Center website has a good list of WHEN to plant the Fall veggies. But, I don't know WHERE in my garden b/c I do not know how long the current crops will last into the Fall.

I currently have field peas, cukes, tomatoes, pole beans, pole yard long beans, squash, eggplants.

So, some of the Fall plantings start as early as July and August. Will my current crops be "gone" by then? What happens to them...I mean do they stop setting fruit, get diseases...? How will I know when to pull them up?

I mean, I am in Louisiana where it is warm and I keep them watered. I don't quite understand why they would stop producing at all other than July/Aug when it is probably too hot for some to set fruit. But then in Sept when it cools down a bit, wouldn't they just start producing again until frost.

Do people have their Fall crops planted along side of the existing crops or in place of?


Confused in Louisiana (aka Julie)

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Julie, you can keep your peppers and tomatoes in the garden all summer, but production will slow or stop until temps begin to fall again. You'll also need to fight insects. I did that one year with tomatoes and never again. In fact, I started pulling tomato plants yesterday. I've been harvesting for 6 weeks and have had little new fruit set except for on the cherry tomatoes. I just get tired of dealing with the heat & humidity.


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