law help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sdogwood(9)June 6, 2006

This site gave very good advise and I need it know. We have cleaned up from hurricane Rita and our town is pretty again. Unfortunately, the storm left its calling card on our grass. We have tried everything and cannot get any thing to grow. The area has bare dirt and wil only grow weeds.

My husbands' solution to the bad patch is drenching the area nightly. Do you have a tip that we can try? Storm trash was stacked on this area for about a month and really killed the St. Augustine grass. It was once in shade but is in the hot sun now.

Our grass was the pride of the neighborhood but now neighbors stop and offer sympathy.

Thanks in Advance,

Susan from Lake Charles

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Opps! I forgot the N. Lawn help!

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Susan, sorry for the crap you're still enduring thanks to Rita. Looks like all you have in that spot is weeds. If it were me I'd dig it up and plant sod.


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tamivileine(z8b OS,MS, US)

I was all excited about telling you to take 'em to court ;-)

I'm having same problem with Katrina issues. I'm having some luck with dumping fresh soil amendment, eg compost, on the areas and watering some.

When will it rain? Wait, it'll rain during regattas, yep, that's it...

sea ya

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