patriotic hydrangea grouping

bobbygil(7)November 19, 2009

Hi...can anyone help me with a red...whte and blue grouping of hydrangeas. As long as they bloom together I dont care what kind really. Long blooming would be a plus...thanks bob

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This can be a tricky grouping :-) To develop the very deep blue flowers you need acidic soils - pink flowering hydrangeas ("red" is a stretch - dark pink is as best as you'll get) benefit from neutral to slight alkaline soil. Having two distinctly different soil pH levels in the same general area is often hard to accomplish. I'd lean towards the more acidic conditions and develop some strong blues and select the pink cultivars known to best hold their color regardless of soil pH. Some to consider are 'Hornli', 'Glowing Embers' 'Merritt's Supreme' and 'Geoffrey Chadbund'(syn 'Mowe'). You may need to apply lime directly around the rootballs of these to maintain the pink/red without it purpling but be sure to keep any lime away from the blues. White will remain white regardless of growing conditions.

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