flying vampires

davidandkasie(Z8 MS)June 21, 2005

okay, if you are from LA or MS you know what i mean, MOSQUITOS!

what do you do to control them in your area? i spray my trees, shrubs, house exterior, and anything else that i can with about once a week and yet they still try to pick me up and carry me away. i was using malathon, but sunday i used Ortho MAX to see how well it works. at my old house, i used a combo of malathon and Diazinon to keep them under control, but diazinon is no longer availible and i am now out of it.

i have a major drainage ditch running next to my property, and at the moment it is stagnant due to little rain. the only part that is wet is water sitting in the culvert going under the road. other than this, there is no water source for these pests. we have a small pool for our dogs, but it is emptied daily.

does anyone here have any tried and true methods of killing these bloodsuckers, short of a small nuke?

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Mossquito dunks work really well. When you use high-powered broad-spectrum sprays you wipe out the various beneficials that can help keep the skeeter population in check. I have a good gardening friend who has martin houses on all four sides of her yard and she has no mosquitos. Bats are very helpful, tho' the bathouse I put up didn't attract any. Plant things that attract hummingbirds--hummers eat a lot of mosquitos. Fish in a pond will eat the wigglers and a fountain or dribbler will keep them from laying, but of course that wouldn't help in a culvert.

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

Thanks, i saw those at Lowe's yesterday, but was not sure how well they really work. i guess i can pick up a pack to try. if they work good, then i will get more to keep them in the culverts.

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mrs_emily(8 Louisiana)

This probably won't work, but it's an interesting tidbit. I have a recipe for a bat garden. I know that bats consume up to 500 insects an hour, including mosquitoes, although mosquitoes only make up about 10 percent of their diet.

Bat Garden:
Salvia, Silene, Phlox, Stock (and Evening Stock), Cornflower (Bachelor's Buttons) and spearmint.

Don't remember where I got this "recipe" and don't know why I have it, but there it is.

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