Novice gardeners desperate for advice!

cheri127November 7, 2009

Hi. I've never posted here before (I'm usually in kitchens) but hope that I can get some advice on cutting back Annabelle hydrangeas. Our front garden was professionally landscaped two years ago and consists mostly of hydrangeas (Annabelle and oakleaf) and hostas. The annabelles were planted in the fall and bloomed beautifully the first season. We didn't cut them back or prune them and the following spring their leaves and blooms came back on the existing stems. They were large, with about 200 gorgeous blooms, but basically took over the whole garden! Now, the blooms and stems are brown and we were wondering if we should cut them back to the ground to keep them from sprawling even more next spring. DH and I know nothing about gardening so any advice you could give would really be appreciated. We are in zone 7 and the garden faces north. TIA.

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I don,t grow Annabelles but if you do a seach here you will come up with a lot of info. on them . I alot of people do cut them back pretty hard every year. You can also tie them up to keep them from sprawling out so much.

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Yes, you can cut them back hard but the recommendation is typically to do so in late winter or early spring. In zone 7, I doubt you will encounter any problems if you need to do it now.

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