dwarf yaupon as a hedge

susannah_louisianaJune 22, 2010

how far apart should i plant dwarf yaupon (Ilex vomitoria 'Nana') in order for it to be a hedge? i live in hammond and i've seen some around here that are up to 4' tall.


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I've searched some sites and found this shrub to be 3 to 6 ft approx ht and width. Average seems about 5x5 ft. So I would say plant about 4 to 5 ft apart. If you are in Hammond (I am from St. Bernard), yours will likely be on the large size of the continuum.

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A bit off topic, but what are good holly choices for South La.? I'm trying to plant a privacy hedge & have seen some very healthy hollies growing in the Lafayette area but don't know the varieties.The nicest ones are at the Carmelite convent on the Breaux Bridge Hwy.
I picked up some little yaupons @ WalMart but would like the large leaf hollies,too.Thanks!

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