Help! Neighbors cut down trees and took my shade!

sdogwood(9)June 3, 2006

Mais La! My back yard took a beating from hurricane Rita but it is in wonderful shape now. Just when I thought my little side yard was fine, the neighbors cut down two old gum trees! The old trees survived the hurricane and gave my side bricks shades but the neighbors were afraid of another storm.

We have lost so many trees and my little patch of shade is gone. I have bright sun beating down on my shade loving plants now that the trees are gone. Should I try to build a trellis and train vines on it? My Confederate Jasmine would grow perfectly on it. The sunny area is about ten feet wide and once had an old New Orleans look with ferns and a fountain and elephant ears.

Any ideas about a trellis or pergola? Our Louisiana sun is so hot!

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The good thing is it looks like your plants are potted, so you could move them to a shady location until you decide what to do. In the meantime, replace them with plants that can take the hot sun.

Had a similar scenario here, but it was of our own making. Two pines were slated for removal in order to construct a garden shed and before that took place 3 others were hit by lightning. So, we ended up cutting down 6 pines and digging up all the large azaleas that grew underneath them. Now I have a full sun bed where I've planted a couple small trees, along with plumbago, milkweed, salvias, & purple coneflowers. The main disadvantage we've encountered is the hot sun on the screened porch in the late afternoon. We're in the process of remodeling and the current porch is being torn down, but I'll definitely be buying shades later this year for the new porch.

BTW, we have the same French gothic fence.


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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

That's a beautiful picture, sdogwood. I think your problem is one that will be repeated a lot. People are cutting down a lot of trees in fear of hurricane damage, and I guess I don't blame them, but I sure don't want to part with mine. An arbor would be a good idea, and plant some smaller trees if you have room. I'm thinking a cost/benefit analysis would be a good idea; we've saved I have no idea how many hundreds of dollars on air conditioning because of trees we planted, and one formerly small live oak we left. I guess a smart thing to have done would have been to estimate the money we saved and put it in a savings account to pay damage! Better than the way some insurance companies seem to be paying off. And it seems to me that if global warming is a fact, and I believe it is, the more trees and other plants we plant the more possible it would be to keep it from tipping over to really terrifying potentials. So plant! (As if we needed an excuse!)

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