Help needed to pick a Hydrangea variety

mrao77(TX US zone 7)November 17, 2012


I am posting on behalf of bunti, who is having problems posting on GW. Please see her msg below:


I am planning to have hydrangea in my yard. I have looked at 3 varieties. Can you please suggest me which one is good among these 3 varieties.

  1. Hydrangea vanilla strawberry

2) Hydrangea limelight

3) hydrangea pinky winky


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All of those three paniculatas are good choices. Being paniculatas, they will get large so make sure you have space in the planting location for them in her Zone 8. Here are some comments I posted for her in her original post:

All three are nice plants so I know I am not going to help you decide.

I love the look of VS Magenta Blooms but be aware that they turn that nice colored magenta late in the growing season (as opposed to right away) and also be aware that some people have complained that their VSs do not reach that stage. Not sure why but I speculate that their growing season is short and their VS needs more time to turn magenta. Hopefully, that should not be a problem for her since she is in Z8 and the growing season is long.

I also like Limelight but prefer to see a hedge of Limelights. They looks grrrreat!

I also like PW's blooms, especially when part of the bloom is white and the other color is dark pink. When the blooms start white, they are just ok looking but when they turn a white-pink blend, they look REALLY NICE.

Good luck choosing,

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