Best flavor green bean for CANNING ?

doiturselfer(8)January 28, 2012

Hi all,

Yep, seed time is here, and wondering if any of you are gourmet bean eaters who can your produce!

I canned beans last year, and am generally happy with the results. Used a bit older beans and their texture is just fine.

I'm detecting a slight bitterness, though, or maybe an off-flavor, and it made me wonder if it's the variety, or my water, or just the nature of canning under pressure. I thought it would be worthwhile to ask of you if there is a particular tried and true variety that you've found that performs well for canning, in terms of flavor.

Thanks ! Seed time is coming and I'd like to be prepared !

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

The pole variety "Emerite" is the best I've tried. Very firm, sweet, and completely stringless even when large.

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I'll second Emerite, but will add these as further possibilities.

Kentucky Wonder
Blue Marbut
Black Seeded Blue Lake

You didn't mention whether you prefer pole or bush beans.



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Greasy Beans are good too.

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Thanks, all. I'm in Canada, and so don't have access to all the varieties you name, but I AM able to get Emerite, so I will try that one this year. Many thanks !

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