fall seed starting(Broccoli)

gardenall(8)June 17, 2010

For a mid to late SEP. Plant out date when do most people start seeds indoors for boccoli.....cauliflower.....and collards? I live in central Mississippi.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Here in Baton Rouge (zone 8b) it's 7/15 - 9/1. Why are you starting them indoors vs. directly in the garden?

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I was thinking it would be to hot to direct sow these fall veg. I have been buying transplants but they cost too much if getting very many.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

This site should help. It gives info regarding direct sowing at this time of year if you'd like to try that.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fall gardening in Mississippi

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how is everyones broccoli seedlings look? Or are you going to buy transplants next month.It is so hot now I have planted some inside and outside,and I am going to see what does better for me.

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I've never started a fall garden. Usually I am burned out by then and need a few months to get enthused again. This year though my garden had not done as well as in the past. I have put away some stuff but not nearly the quantity I expected.

I think I am going to start some broccoli and maybe some brussel sprouts. Certainly some romaine lettuce. I grew fair amounts of it last spring but unfortunately, you just can't freeze the stuff for when it isn't growing.

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I'm new to Mississippi, I'm from Virginia, but I was planning on doing a fall and winter garden this year. In VA we did collards, broccoli, pumpkins, celery, cabbage, and they were growing in the snow... I'm interested as to what will happen in the MS gardens this time of year. I feel like a novice gardener all over again with this new climate! But from my experience you really don't want brocci to get too warm or it wilts and is really icky... couldn't you still do beans, tomatoes, etc. until November-or do you want to start everything from seed? Just interested to find out more about this. Great topic, thanks for this posting.

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

I plan on seeding bush beans this week ... then again in a couple more weeks. Lettuce and arugula will have to wait until mid-September. I'll buy Swiss chard transplants. Much easier than growing from seed.

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In the south and heat, plant Packman broccoli.Plant out transplants in mid SEP. Bunching green onions are also great (plant bulbs in Sep.)plant one bulb per hill and a cluster of 4 or 5 small onions will develope per hill.......Collards grows well(transplants are always easier) .....turnips are a favorite......good luck!!!

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The broccoli that I planted by seed in late Aug. did real good.I planted half inside and half outside. The broccoli planted inside came up so fast that I had to hold off on planting them out because of the heat and no rain.They are still doing good ,but could have been planted out 2 weeks earlier. THE seeds I planted outside looks better than any plants that I have ever bought.They have all been planted at final spot and some are a foot tall....(it took a lot longer to come up outside ,but Ithink that is best).........I just tried it to see the differance.........I also have lettuce, carrots,turnups, and green onions that is doing good, but am having to water since we are not geting any rain.

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