Marrowfat-type dry bean?

marquetteJanuary 23, 2007

Please tell me, what is a marrowfat-type dry bean?

Any pole cultivars/varieties that you could recommend?

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Marrowfat is a bush bean generally described as white with red speckles though I have seen a white variety that was also called marrowfat. They are rounded beans produced 4 to 6 in a pod. The bean seed are edible but the pods are very fibrous. They are noted for having a musky flavor when cooked. Some describe the flavor as having bacon undertones. They are often recommended as replacements for Great Northern beans.

I have not seen a pole variety comparable to Marrowfat. That doesn't mean much though, I've only grown a few dozen varieties of beans. I have a few seed of a white with red speckles round large pole bean that I need to grow out again this year. Its very distinctive but not very tolerant of the heat in my garden.


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