Was this past winter harsh in Miss/ Louisiana?

poaky1June 20, 2014

You guys are about as southern as possible, but did you experience a colder than normal winter? Even in the early spring. Technically in Pa we had a normal winter, the early spring is what really was the problem. Late February, all of March and early April. I hope someone has an answer. Thanks.

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wisner_gw wisner

It was definitely a colder winter here is SW Louisiana. I don't have the actual numbers, but it was the coldest winter in many years. The spring was also colder and we had a late freeze. Lots of palm trees were killed, also citrus trees.

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Thanks Wisner, I am surprised you even get freezes there. I've never been to your area, I've been to Florida, I hear they went down to 19 F before. But that is rare. Maybe you get 20 's as a low, rarely.

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It stayed in the 20's all day here for 2 days with freezing rain.Never got above freezing, even in the middle of the day. I've never seen that happen since I moved to So. LA, nor in South GA.
I lost 2 small satsumas & there was lots of damage to citrus in our area.
Very nasty winter.

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I wouldn't call it harsh, but it was definitely colder than the past few years. We had freezing rain at least once and I moved the tomatoes from the cold frame to the warmth of the garden shed that day. We also had a late freeze and I had to cover all the tomato plants, but everything survived.

My satsuma and Meyer lemon are still small enough to cover, which I did on a few occasions. They also survived.

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I live on the MS Coast, about 6 miles off, as the crow flies. We have a skim of ice every year. The '13/'14 winter was the worst I have seen and I am 70 yo. Lost a few plants; however, most came back strong. Citrus took a beating but survived. Will not get much this year but they need a rest anyway.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

We also had a colder winter last year than we have had in years. After just being classified as a zone 8 instead of 7, it seemed like it never would warm up! I was two or three weeks later planting my garden than normal. It felt chancy even when I did.

I just knew I would lose marginally hardy plants like Tibouchina and a purple crinum I bought on the coast. But, I did not lose a single thing. I guess all the mulch I put down in Autumn made the difference.

On the other hand, when it was all said and done, although our cold lasted longer than usual, we really only had one night that the low was below 10, and that for a short time at daybreak.

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it was harsh. I lost both of my satsuma trees.

I'm hearing that this winter isn't looking much better,
but I'm hoping they are wrong!!

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i counted 3 hard freezes here in New Orleans.
2 lated for several days, which was the real killer.
usually, the sun warms things up in a day or so.

it killed my papaya (several mature trees)
even though i mulched them and put tarps on the roots.
the ground got too cold for too long.

my satsuma and guava made it, but the guava lost all its leaves, and lots of the new growth..
i think it damaged the satsumas roots, ive had disease problems with it ever since.
its a 20yr old tree that never had problems.

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I have had a bad winter in Pa also, but, I am surprised that you have had a harsher winter than some trees that did fine before, can now not endure. A male friend of mine wants to move to Mississippi. He was told that there are lots of high paying jobs there now. I have heard many times that Mississippi, is a poor state. This male friend of mine is not too smart. I am no genius, but, he has a home here in Pa that is paid for, he has to pay the utilities, but he seems to think he can make a lot of money in Mississippi, and then come home to Pa, and catch up on bills. Am I wrong to think he will not be able to get a job in Mississippi, and make lots of money, then go back to Pa to pay his bills?

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