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RedSanders(9a Lk. Charles)June 17, 2013

I live in Lake Charles, LA. I received soil test results of my garden from LSU. The pH data shows my soil to be very acidic, and calls for the addition of lime, which is available from a number of sources here

The results also advises specific amounts of specific fertilizers: Ammonium sulfate, triple super phosphate and muriate of potash. Where does one find such? All the nurseries in the area stock the typical 8-8-8. I checked with my LSU Extension Service agent, and he was of little help. Possibly you folks in Baton Rough or New Orleans have sources that offer specific fertilizers, or at least blends that might approach my needs, such as 16-8-16.

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wisner_gw wisner

It is not necessary to use those fertilizers only. A 8-8-8 or 13-13-13 is a complete fertilizer with equal parts nitrogen,phosphorous and potash. If you go to Greengate garden center in Lake Charles you can buy those fertilizers you listed. Also, Curries feed in Lake Charles has a good selection of fertilizers.

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RedSanders(9a Lk. Charles)

Thanks wisner 9! But, based on the recommendations on the soil analysis, I respectfully disagree.

As a general rule of thumb, my dad was using 8-8-8 when I was a child (MANY years ago). I was excited that I could be much more up-to-date than he by receiving a specific NPK recommendation for my soil. If the amounts the LSU lab recommended were equally proportional, then 8-8-8 would be appropriate, but they are not. A nitrogen source is recommended in the greatest in amount, followed by a potassium amount, and last in a much smaller amount is phosphorus.

Both my LSU agent and an employee at a farm supply recommended 8-8-8, saying if amounts added for NP or K was too much, then it wouldn't matter, but it does, and they should know that! As an example, for tomatoes too much Nitrogen leads to necrosis, too much vegetative growth, reduced fruit, etc., A deficiency results in other problems, and the same goes for the P & K.

As I said in a reply to an LSU professor regarding this matter, I may have to settle for the same as my dad used, 8-8-8 (or multiples thereof). Which raises the question of the value of the soil tests they performed.

But again, thanks for your reply.

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wisner_gw wisner

Like I said, if you want a specific fertilizer go to Greengate Garden Center in Lake Charles or Curries Feed. They can sell you triple phosphate, potash, calcium nitrate, etc. They also have a 15-5-10 mix which is recommended for St Augustine lawns. What is the mix you are looking for? Bring your soil test to Greengate and they will help you. Fertilizer hasn't really changed much since your dad was gardening. The main thing if you are growing vegetables is to put out lime and get your ph right.

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RedSanders(9a Lk. Charles)

For anyone in the SW Louisiana area - after having checked all garden centers, and ag. supply outlets, etc., (and I mean all), in the area for a source of a variety of fertilizers, O'Neal's Feeders Supply, Inc. in DeRidder, LA tops everyone else by far in variety and prices. When it comes to fertilizers, this place is a gardeners dream. Check it out.

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wisner_gw wisner

Welcome back to La RedSanders. They also have a couple nice plant nurseries in DeRidder. They don't have much activity on this board. If you haven't already, check out Bayou Gardener forum. There are quite a few Louisiana gardeners there.

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RedSanders(9a Lk. Charles)

Thanks Wisner. You seem to know the area quite well. I'm always ready to peruse another nursery. I also plan on visiting a number of them in the Forest Hill area this spring for plants (trees, perennials, etc.) for our new place here in Lk. Charles.

As for the Bayou Gardener forum, I found that site via Interesting and informative videos on YouTube that Donald posted. And as you said, it is an active forum with local folks. So, I was really interested in joining and submitted an application - and heard nothing for days.

I finally sent an email to him wondering what happened. Must have caught him on a bad day because he launched off on how I didn't understand how he had to wade through thousands of auto-applications advertising Chinese shoes, etc., etc., and that I should have read a sticky explaining that I had to take another step to apply.

For the past 20 years my job was to teach others how to use computers, use applications, use the web, search engines, forums, etc. Don't know how many forums I have joined on various topics, and have never seen an application process requiring such. Most have a screening process that works well in eliminating most auto-apps. His chafing kinda p&*^ed me off and I told him to never mind my application - and he did. So, I'm a persona non grata there. :-) Too bad. But I still read the posts there though.

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wisner_gw wisner

Good luck with your new place.

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