giant tomatos

janet_ms(z7Ms.)July 23, 2004

Can anyone give me any input on growing giant tomatos. I have 4 different types started and will be ready to put them out in another week or so. Do they need to be spaced different or anything?

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Sophie Wheeler

It's darn late for tomatoes to be planted out. Most folks are already harvesting, even up north. You may not see enough growth to get large maters until fall, as blooming and fruit set is retarded by the high heat of summer. Basically, if you want really big maters, disbud all but a couple of fruit on each plant. Water like heck, but evenly, and make sure you control pests and diseases that affect the foliage, because all of that foliage making energy that just goes into a couple of tomatoes is how you get big record breakers. Space them out far enough so that you can keep the suckers well pinched off and the other tomatoes disbudded. The wire trellis system like grapes are grown is a good method of doing this. This is how a lot of commercial tomato growers grow them. You train two suckers up and out, supported by horizontal wires between a couple of posts.

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Yes, I'm putting up tomatos like crazy, but the first big tomato seeds I received didn't come up and the company sent me more. I don't really care about record breaking tomatos, just want to see if these are really 2 to 4 lb. tomatos like they say. Felder Rushing advised me that I could go ahead and try these this year, so I did. I've been putting them out and hardening them off the past week.How tall do the plants get?

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