Sugar Snap Pea germination

chinamigarden(z5 MI)February 22, 2007

I planted these the past 2 years and both times I had germination rates of less then 50%. Is it me, or is it normal for this veggie? I followed the package instruction on spacing and watering. I even moved the planting site the second year incase it was a soil issue.



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I've grown Super Sugar Snaps for years with no issues. Maybe you're planting too early? I plant mine in early may, when soil is less cold and wet. I also mix in some wood ash in the planting area along with innoculant to help them fix nitrogen. That's it!

Maybe your source is not good at pre-testing germination rates. I buy mine from Pinetree every year. See link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Snap pea source

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chinamigarden(z5 MI)

I got mine from pinetree last year (and this year) also. I am going to guess that I planted mine too early, end of April. I am going to buy a soil thermometer this year and I plan to do my planting based on soil temps and hopefully I will see an improvement in the Peas.

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veggiecanner(Id 5/6)

I have terrible germination rates on straight seeded beans and peas in my area. But sown in pots they do very good, even with the same seed pak.
could some thing is stealing from me, and I do have alot of slugs.

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catherinet(5 IN)

I posted something about snow peas over on the veggie forum......forgetting you guys were here!
I can't say for sure that this is your problem too, but I have problems with mice eating all my pea seeds.....and then it looks like they don't germinate. Those boogers! So many years ago, I figured out that if I presprout them in the house (takes about 3 days), and plant the presprouted ones, the mice left them alone. But recently, they are eating those presprouted ones too. So this year I'm going to try to outsmart them, and place scrunched up chicken wire in the trench where I plant the peas, cover with a little soil, plant the seeds, then cover with more soil. HOpefully they can't reach the seeds then.
Even if you don't have should try presprouting them. I think that will help.

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jimster(z7a MA)

I too have had trouble sprouting peas and suspected mice, moles or voles had eaten them. Another possibility is that they rotted in wet, cold spring soil before germinating. I'm not sure. Anyway, I found presprouting to be helpful for peas. Mine did well that way.

Beans usually aren't a problem here. They are planted in warm soil, so slow germination and rotting isn't a problem. I've had total failures with two varieties. It must have been either varmints or non-viable seed. Again, I'm not sure.


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catherinet(5 IN)

I've also noted with beans that when I water them in their rows (before germination), the water seems to draw attention to them, and then the birds come and peck them out.
You will see single holes in the soil in that case. Also, when you're first tilling up the area for the peas, if you see tunnels or holes underneath, then chances are pretty good that you have some little varmint living there who's come to view your seeds as a buffet table!

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