TWO hummingbirds!

tamivileine(z8b OS,MS, US)July 23, 2006

I was so stoked to see not one, but TWO out here, I just had to tell someone...

I always get the 'single female' every year, but here lately there's another h.bird. Single female chases the other about, so I've put up another feeder. I believe it's another female.

Now if I can find the rain frogs... they've all gone since Katrina. And there's not many house geckos or chameleons (Carolina anoles) either, although I've been seeing a few baby chameleons.

It's funny, too... my friends on the Dog River in Mobile say the rain frogs are driving them nuts. I tell 'em to trap 'em and send my way...

sea ya


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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Tami, congratulations! We have a few, but not so many that I have to refill the feeders more than twice a week. They seem to use the flowers a lot more than the feeders.

Are rain frogs the same as tree frogs? I haven't seen any this year, but I hear 'em outside my office windows.

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Near Picayune, Ms, we have the frogs everywhere. Hummers are coming to our two feeders again after disappearing for a while, but no Lizards. Don't know if they were here before Katrina because we weren't..Bob

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Hey Tami,
The rain frogs are abundant over here and lots of lizards and their babies hatching frequently. Lots of other weird bugs have started showing face but nature is so cool I hate to complain. The hummers are starting to feed like it's late August maybe cause it sure feels that way. My favorite black snake has even come home. It took almost a year but things are kinda getting back to the way they used to be. It really didn't happen until we filled up with plants and it started raining then nature just fell in to place. Just have faith it's gona get better.
Take care,

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