Too much shade for F&E Together?

dublinbay z6 (KS)November 24, 2011

My search for a blue hydrangea has led me to the Forever and Ever series--specifically Together. I now am toying with a new plan for two short bluish hydrangea on the east side of my house. Together seems perfect and I've looked up almost every posting on this forum that discusses Together. However, one thing I can't get a handle on is how much shade can it tolerate? Does it need a certain minimum amount of sunshine? If so, how little can it get by on?

As you probably guessed, the east side of my house has lots of shade. The two Togethers would get some early morning sunlight and some passing sunlight around noontime. Most of the morning they would be in the high shade of a couple oak trees; most of the afternoon they would be in the shadow of the house. Could Together get by on that limited amount of sunlight?

If not, do you know some other short hydrangea that blooms on new wood, likes shade, and preferably (but not necessarily) is bluish?



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As long as the plants receive some amount of direct sunlight, they should be fine. In fact, early day sun is much more preferrable than afternoon sun, which is much stronger in intensity. Usually, an eastern facing location is pretty much ideal. Just avoid locations that offer no direct sunlight or provide deep, heavy shade - flowering will be quite sparse, if at all, under those kinds of conditions.

Remember that the degree of "blueness" your bigleaf hydrangeas provide will be dependant on soil chemistry. Annual applications of aluminum sulphate (follow directions) should ensure sufficient acidity and access to adequate levels of aluminum. It is the access to aluminum that provides the blue coloring. But too much can be counterproductive, even dangerous.

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ejr2005(Eastern MA)

I've planted a lot of hydrangeas over the last two or three years, including one F&E Together. Of all of my hydrangeas it seems to be the least tempermental. From when I first planted it it has never wilted and has had beautiful flowers with interesting colors and color changes. Mine is on the North-East side of the house under large oak trees. It gets some sun but not lots.

The only negative I can think of is that it is small and slow growing. I like small hydrangeas but this one is so perfect I actually wish it was bigger!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Thank you, ejr, for that information. I'm really taken with F&E Together and hope that I can find a couple next spring at the nearest Lowes store--about 30 miles away. In fact, I want them badly enough that I might even undertake the 2 hour drive to a Lowe's store in Kansas City, if necessary. After all, I could visit my daughter there at the same time. : )


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