pea spacing?

Mindyw3(5)February 26, 2012

My package instructions seem different then whay ive typically says to plant in 3 inch wide troughs and space 1 in apart every direction. They are strike peas. They get about 2 ft yall. Does this sound like a good method? If i do it this way i will end up with 2 3 inch wide rows spaced 6 inches apart in a raised bed. There were pole beans in this spot up to frost last year. Any suggestions?

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3 inches apart in ever direction if it is bush variety

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I grow strike in double rows 8 inches apart at 1 one inch spacing. 2 feet between the double rows.

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I plant 3" in every direction because i plant in raised beds and like to maximize my growing space.. Whether its 20-30" tall varieties or small bush types like progress #9. The peas produce wonderfully when planted so close together. The only pitfall is that you should be diligent in picking them because many will be hidden.

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Thanks guys. I went ahead and spaced them slightly more them the package instructions. And did a full 2 ft wide row.

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