Help! Will my hydrangea survive?

milkyjNovember 14, 2012

I am in North Jersey, zone6b. After the snow storm a few days after Sandy, my healthy looking hydrangea looks terrible. Please see the pictures. I sprayed Wilt-Pruf generously on the plant before the snow storm came. Don't know if wilt-pruf worked or not since what should I expect if I didn't spray any? I'd like to hear what you experts say about this poor plant. Can it survive and still have a chance to put on some flowers next year? Is there anything I should do at this point? Please help. Thank you very much.

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Here comes a close up if that helps.

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It looks normal for a plant that used to be green and then was subjected to cold temperatures. Sad looking but it should be fine.

The leaves will not recover but the cold weather will make the plant really go dormant now. Not sure about the flower buds. Those probably developed in the Fall and depending on how cold it got, they may still be there alive. If it got too cold then they may have suffered but you will not know for sure until the plant leafs out again in Spring 2013. If this a rebloomer, then I would not worry much: if the early Spring blooms are affected, you still will have blooms later on.

The stems are woody so they can handle a lot of cold so I would think that for this one event, the stems will be fine. But as winter progresses in your zone, they may or may not be affected. Should they die, the roots will send new shoots in the Spring.

And talking about the roots, I would add 3-4" of organic mulch to protect them and conserve moisture.

Good luck, milkyj!

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Luis thank you so much! You know I had high hope for this plant. Dare it die on me! :-) I will take your advice and add extra mulch, tonight.

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