Best time to transplant Pine Tree Seedling?

gooup(z9, LA)July 11, 2011

My son and i picked a pine tree from the Cub Scout camp in Picayune, MS and would like to transplant it into a container or the ground here in Houma, Louisiana.

The seedling is currently in a bottle of water and is doing quite well. All the roots are intact and the tree seems to be thriving.

Photo of seedling:

Does anyone have any experience in this? The soil in Mississippi was sandy and orange-ish. Here, of course, the soil is obviously much different.

Any tips?

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wisner_gw wisner

I would go ahead and try to put it in a pot or in the ground. I don't think it will last long in water. Firm the soil good around it and keep it well watered.

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genecolin(Zone 9, LA)

Before you plant it in the ground, be sure you want it there. Pine trees are forest trees and do well in such an environment. If you have a large piece of property to put it on that's fine. Pine trees should not be planted near a home or you will suffer the consequences later. They can and will destroy your sewer system and tend to snap off in high winds. I had two removed last year that were planted by the previous owners. Roots had traveled over 80' to reach the sewer pipe and invade them. It's also very costly to have them removed, at least 600 dollars a tree. Another consideration are the local laws concerning the removing of mature trees with in the city limits. Yes I'm talking about Houma.

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