A ? on round up and then planting

gardnpondr(Zone 8)July 1, 2006

My DH and I are going to start a butterfly bed on Monday. One of my friends told me that I could go ahead and round up the bed of weeds and grass before we tilled it up and then till it up and then go ahead right then and plant my new plants but I wanted to make sure this would be ok to do because I have lots of $ in these plants. Has anyone ever done this before and was your plants ok afterwards?

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It's Ok but it'll take a few days for round- up to work by then it will be gone.I would not till untill grass and weeds are dead good luck Jim

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Why not just dig up the grass and weeds instead of taking a chance? IMO, using Roundup is not the best way to create a new space that encourages the life cycle of the butterfly. Keep it chemical free from day one.

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I suggest forget digging and roundup. Lay down thick (6-9 sheets) overlapping newspaper and then pile compost, mulch, leaves, what ever organic on top. Keep it damp, not wet. In a few weeks, your weeds will be smothered, your soil underneathe the paper will be softer and richer, and you'll have a top layer ready to plant in. This is a lasagne bed. I'm not sure why or how it works, but lots of folks on GW plant this way. It sounds crazy but it absolutley works! I have hard clay and this is the only way I make new beds. Tilling will bring new weed seeds to the surface. Roundup gets broken down by sunlight, but you'd be guessing when it will all be gone. Most butterfly garden plants like good drainage, so you might even consider several layers of newspaper and organic matter to get a little bit of a mounded bed. Also check out the butterfly forum FAQs - they have lists of not only nectar plants but also plants that will feed your butterfly catterpillars! Good luck!

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gardnpondr(Zone 8)

LOL, it's funny that you would say that because I ordered this book just last week! The one about lasagna gardening. DH decided to just pull the biggest weeds and we're going to level the area some and do just that, the lasagna gardening. :) We've got a couple folks saving their newspapers for us. THANX!

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