Question about fall hardiness of garden peas

anney(Georgia 8)February 15, 2010

I did not get around to a fall planting of the Alderman peas I bought last year and definitely plan on a fall planting of them this year.

If I plant them to be harvested around October 20 and the first fall frost occurs on October 25, they'll continue producing until a hard frost, won't they? How hardy are they?

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The vines are quite hardy, blooms and pods are not. The problem with fall peas is getting them started early enough. Growth really slows down with shortened daylight hours so they take a lot longer than spring grown. I don't have much luck with fall peas here. I do plant in November and overwinter for early spring peas, but I don't do Alderman/Tall Telephone.

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anney(Georgia 8)

Thank you, farmerdilla! I'm glad I asked -- hate to do a lot of work that won't produce anything!

I guess my other choice is to grow them as a spring crop and move back the planting of other beans that I'd planned for that space until around June 1 or earlier if they run out of steam before then.

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I heard a fellow Georgians gardener, whose fall peas got zapped this past winter. It has been an unsually cold and persisting winter around here.

I have planted some peas (late JAN). But I dont see anything coming up yet. I think it will be couple more weeks , untill night lows jump over freezing mark. Then my peas will make the move. hehe.

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