sheri_wheelerNovember 14, 2009

Hi! I hope somebody can help me...I currently live in 14521 area in NY, and bought a 5 gal hydrangea in a pot...I want to plant it at my other home at zip 12944 in northern adks, but probably can't do it until late spring....can i leave it in the pot at 14521 zip (outside or inside?...i have a 'cooler' foyer i could place the pot in, or should i leave it in the pot outside, or should i plant and then dig it up and transplant to 12944 in late spring, or what? THANKS for any help! Sheri

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If the ground has not frozen, you can plant it now, mulch it and keep it moist. Water it every two weeks or so if it is a dry winter. Fall is a good time to plant many shrubs, including hydrangeas. You can also keep it in another protected location (the cooler foyer) provided it is a place where you can water it as needed.

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