Root Bound Crepe Mrytles

ilovejesus(9)July 13, 2006

We are trying to start a new Landscape after Hurricane Katrina and have purchased 3 gallon Crepe Mrytles from a man thats green houses were destroyed in the storm. Therefore the Crepe Mrytles are really root bound!

Any advice on successful planting?

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The good news is you are dealing with one tough plant which is why they are even still alive. Take a knife through the roots on each of 4 sides. Spread them out a little when you plant. Make sure you have no large circling roots and then put them in the ground. Water them as needed, just don't let them dry out completely. Next year, get ready for blooms. These trees almost seem to like being mistreated which is why they are known as a "street tree" Enjoy

Here is a link that might be useful: My Northern Gulf Coast Gardening Blog

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Thank You!! It is a little overwhelming right now as we have a blank piece of property and our home in gulfport was charming with plants, trees and shrubs that had been maintained for YEARS (200 year oaks and a crepe mrytle that had been there the life of the house)! But thankfully we have been blessed and we have a blank canvas at our new place. Its just getting started... and my husband LOVES Crepe Mrytles!

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I too lost trees because of hurricane Rita. The only tree left was an old Persimmon that we planned on cutting down. My back yard looked like a parking lot and was horrible. The trees didn't fall on the house so we were lucky.

Replanting seemed so difficult and I went back to work and made enough money to hire a landscaper. We planted a Drake Elm in the corner and five big crepe myrtles that have never stopped blooming. They were much higher than my lawn and should mature into trees. The birds love them.

The new landscaping is pretty and the old Persimmon tree looks good now but I miss the shade and sound of my big old trees. My heart goes out to you and the loss of your trees.
Good Luck with the Crepe Myrtles.

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