McComb Tomorrow

FlowrLady(7/MS Olive Bran)July 22, 2005

I'm heading to McComb in the morning, 4:00 a.m. Will be there most of the day, then home. What do I need to see while I'm in McComb?

It might be too hot to go outdoors, but I'd like to look around if anyone knows of any interesting things to do there.

I'm from North MS, so McComb should offer something different... let me know!

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How was your trip?

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FlowrLady(7/MS Olive Bran)

It was tiring. We had a good time - 5 hours down there, 5 hours at the reunion, 6 hours back. My little grandkids had it the roughest! I didn't see anything in McComb except Piercy Priest state park. We were in the Shriners Building. There are five cousins left in my mother's generation, and four of them were there... Three of them belong to my grandfather. I feel blessed to still have them. My great grandfather and grandmother had about 11 kids, so you know there used to be a LOT of cousins, and my grandfather's children are still around! Of course, two uncles and one aunt has passed.

I like to go because I am getting to know people who were never around when I was growing up, and they are my relatives! My son enjoys it; and, of course I like to show off my grandchildren. My daughter-in-law is adopted, so she doesn't have any 'blood' relatives to be a part of, although she has a beautiful family that she's just as big a part of as if she'd been 'born' to them. There is no other event exactly like a reunion.

Thanks for asking!

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Percy Quinn is a great way to spend a couple of days.

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