What new hydrangeas did you add this season?

madeyna(7/8)November 1, 2009

I am finally getting my hydrangea bed in that I have been wanting since we moved here 5 years ago. So I really got the bug and added alot of new ones to my collection . I added Sabrina , Angel Lace (favorite lacecap), forever&ever together and F&E Early sensation, Preziosa, Blushing Bride,Fuji Waterfall. Thanks to some members here posting pics and gushing over thiers I also branched out to Paniculatas and added Pinky Winky(my favorite)Limelight, Angels blush(my other fav.) Quickfire, Pink diamond. Then I stumbled on the thread where another member posted pics of her 50 plus hydrangea garden and had to add a few Oak leaves to round things out so I added Snow Queen and Snow Flake. These where all added to the dozen or so I already had. I already have a list for next season as well . This board is getting spendy.:) What did you guys add this season/ what do you want to add and what where your favorites this year.

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Growing many Hydrangeas, but managed to squeeze in a few more...
Twist & Shout - A Lacecap from the Endless Summer® Collection. Growing it in a 25 gal. pot.
Oakleaf 'Ellen Huff' - Supposed to be a more heat & humidity tolerant selection from the Gulf Coast.
Oakleaf 'Little Honey' - Finally found a 3 gal. size that was affordable!
Oakleaf - 'Harmony' NOT! Probably a cutting from the native species or a seedling. My absolutely last purchase from that nursery, which disclaimed any responsibility & blamed the grower!
Invincibelle Spirit - Pink mophead form of Hyd. arborescens (a/k/a Pink 'Annabelle')
Let's Dance® Starlight (Hyd. mac. 'Lynn') A reblooming Lacecap that's supposed to be a small (3'H) variety. Also, one for a pot.
Found Hyd. serrata 'Fuji Waterfall' at a local nursery early in the season, but all of the one's they had were in horrible shape, when they should have been in prime condition. I had to pass. They are not an easy cultivar to coax back from near death!

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Lilyfinch z7 mid tn

I bought on super sale a nikko, sister theresa and blue wave, none bloomed and if they dont next yyear then im not out very much money. I also got an annabelle (love her!) and pinky winky and limelight (love them!) I decided paniculatas are my way to go, as i dont have luck with mopheads and lacecaps. I am a sucker for them though!
I really want the pink annabelle and the blue bunny one coming out next year. And little lamb if i find it!

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Funny you mentioned Little Lamb I just passed on one on sale , I just don,t have the right spot for it. I bought a Mystical Ruby, and another Angels Blush and Lime light, all for $3 each. I already have Angels Blush and limelight but they will make great gifts this spring. My husband thinks I,m nuts for buying all these plants that look half dead but thats how they are supposed to look this time of year and the savings are great. They are all root bound in one gallon pots so I,m trying to decide it I should repot them now or wait until spring. If I keep this up I,m not going to have any room for Incrediball when I find it.

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