how far deadheading iris?

chueh(7B)June 14, 2008

Can anyone explain to me how deadheading prevents iris from going to seed? I just removed the dried-out spent iris flowers. It seems to me that even if I did not remove those dried-out flowers, they were already dried-out and would drop themselves eventually. Thus, how does this deadheading prevent the iris from going to seed? Is the iris still trying to form seeds while having the dried-out flowers? Perhaps, I did not do it right. Should I remove the spent flowers before they get dried-out. How soon should I deadhead it? How far do i deadhead it? Just the flower part, passing the bumpy part and cut it down to the top stem, or cutting down the stem but above any foliage? Thanks

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marvine(z7/8 GA)

I always remove the wilted flower becuase there are other buds that still haven't bloomed, plus, most blooms are double socketed which means another is going to bloom in the place of the one removed. When you remove a flower, there won't be a seed pod to form. I hybridize so I don't remove the flower where I have placed pollen - if successful, a pod will start to show in 7 to 10 days.

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