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dave-JoyJuly 15, 2012

I am looking at growing Lemon Eucalyptus Trees and creeping thyme. Anyone have success with these? I am in the north shore area near new orleans. I bought 25 Lemon Eucalyptus Tree seeds and 1000 creeping thyme seeds. If an experienced gardener near buy wants to help me grow these on my land with my time and money I will share what we grow.

I figure if I grow 6-8 of the trees to line the sides of my yard with and use the thyme around the house then possibly the mosquitos will go elsewhere.


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I have two Lemon Eucalyptus trees that I bought in four-inch pots at the plant sale at New Orleans City Park two years ago. One got about twelve feet tall and the other was about eight in ONE year's time.

This past winter, they both froze. The smaller came back up from the ground in spring, and the larger one just got burned on the tips. The big one shot up to about 15 feet tall and is much larger than the other one that came back up from the ground. The smaller one is about six feet high at the moment.

Hurricane Isaac flattened the big one to the ground--just laid it down on its side. We're going to have to use the truck to lift it back up.

I don't know about repelling mosquitoes or other insects. I grew them in the butterfly garden because Monarch butterflies overwinter on a type of eucalyptus in Mexico. I just thought it would be nice in my Monarch area. It does smell like the citronella candles on the porch, now that I think about it. I guess I'd better move it out of the butterfly garden!

I can recommend them as a super-duper fast-growing evergreen tree. They are pretty, not overly wide, and they don't make any mess by dropping a fruit or leaves. The yard smells wonderful and lemony-sweet when it rains. I would recommend that you protect them in hard freezes until they are larger, or let them grow back up from the ground. Remember, my larger one didn't freeze to the ground--only the smaller one did.

I thought they were two different types because the smaller one always had fuzzy leaves. Now they both have smooth leaves.

When I researched to see if there was any such thing as a native eucalyptus, I found out that the state has been researching eucalyptus as a timber crop in Louisiana. Here are the links I saved:

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Dave, have you tried the citronella scented Pelargoniums? They have this reputation, though are always too expensive for me to get a significant enough quantity to test this theory. The one I got last year is barely still alive. I was hoping to propagate it, but guess I'm just hoping for continued life at this point.

Good luck fighting the good fight!

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