Rain Anybody?

Joeray(Z9 LA)July 11, 2005

We're having our annual drought again and it seems like it'll never rain again (I'm in Baton Rouge). The ground is cracking and the plants are shriveling up. I was actually hoping one of the tropical storms would have come a little closer to us so we could get a little moisture. Is anyone out there getting any rain? I've pretty much given up planting anything else; I've got my hands full watering to keep the plants I have alive.

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Bite your tongue! We don't need a tropical storm! Rain is nice, but not when it's over the top.

Start setting a sprinkler for 40 minutes at a time. I just watered 3 areas of the back yard in the past few hours. Tomorrow I'll do the front. We're lucky that water is cheap here!

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I'm afraid I've been half-hoping for a tropical depression or something--not a hurricane!--before we dry up and blow away. I too spend all my energy watering, and with water restrictions I simply cannot get it all done properly. Think I've lost a beautiful Oak-leaf hydrangea my son planted for me this spring. He is taking a class at UL and they got talking about how dry it was. One girl said 'not at my house! You know how you look at the radar on television and there's one little green dot out there? That's MY house!' I'm so jealous!

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Joeray(Z9 LA)

I don't want a full blown hurricane to bring us water. But a side swipe of a minimal tropical storm might be what is needed to break this dry spell that has settled over us. I know, be careful what you ask for or you'll get too much. I see at least one dead tree in our neighborhood, probably a victim of the drought. I think there'll be more coming, though it might take months before they actually die. I'm spending most of my evenings watering and I still can't keep up.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

WE GOT RAIN TODAY!!! Three fairly short but drenching showers and it looks like half an inch or more. Just a couple miles away yesterday there were reports of four inches or more. Personally I'd rather get it spread out more, but I'd almost rather have a (small, please) flood than a drought. The weather report called for more and more widespread tomorrow. And Emily headed this way--but probably south and west--in a week or so.

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pinkie_z8ala(Zone 8a NW LA)

Yeah, what's the good of living in a gulf state if you can't get a little rain during hurricane season? I don't want the winds, and I don't want the floods, but some showers would sure BE NICE!

My water bill total is rapidly approaching the totals of my other utilities!

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Well, we had showers today ... along with a lightning strike. Three long-leaf pines along the back of the lot were slated for removal to build a garden shed. Now it looks like we'll be taking down a few more.

Pinkie, my sister lives near Los Angeles and her water bill is three times her electric! She hates to turn on the A/C, but she doesn't miss a day of watering. Her yard is an oasis compared to the rest on her block.

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Joeray(Z9 LA)

We finally got some rain, about 1.5 " today. Thanks goodness our drought is broken, maybe I can put the soaker hose away for awhile. Thanks everyone for your contributions.

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