Iris Seed Pods and Seed pictures. Information?

dragonstoneJune 17, 2011

Hello! This is my first year of finally having success in pollinating Iris. I kept trying for a few years but I think I finally figured out what it was that I was doing wrong - cue embarrassed face here.

I'm not sure if my seed pods are going right?

The pods are slowly turning white?

These seed pods are on a stalk that slumped over but I didn't remove them since I wasn't sure if the stalk was still 'functioning' even though it bent over.

These were staked up before a big storm came in and I didn't want anything to happen to them and they've been staked since.

I cross-pollinated two flower colors. Below are two pictures I took earlier when they were actively blooming:

I found a small seed pod that dried up and fell off one of the flower stalks. I pulled out the seeds but they looked like this:

They don't look anything like the seeds I've seen on Google. Are these seeds viable, do you think?

I unfortunately do not know the names of the Iris.

I guess with the seed pods seemingly turning white, I'm not sure if I'm still on track. I know they were cross-pollinated at least. Would you say that everything is hunky dory thus far? Is there anything I need to know?

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Your pods are fine. As they dry they will get lighter and eventually start to crack open. If you don't want the seeds to fall out you can wrap the pod in a fine mesh, or keep checking them and harvest just as they start to open. The seeds will be smooth and pale brown at first but will dry dark and wrinkly like the ones in your picture. As long as they have some thickness to them I think they can sprout - nothing ventured...

Plant them 1 inch deep in pots and leave outside all winter, they should sprout in early spring.

I have had some luck with pods which were broken off before they had a chance to mature, so don't worry.


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Thank you, Chad! This is definitely my first experience and wanted to make sure I wasn't wasting time on waiting. I read about 'balloons' and when I saw the pods were turning a bit white, I wasn't sure if that's what was going on. I definitely feel better about it now. Thanks!

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