hydrangea arborescens 'bounty'

Romainx87December 24, 2013

Hello! I'm reading alot of different information on this plant, some credited sites saying it can take full sun, some saying it can't. I am interested in this plant, also Annabelle smooth that seems to have the same lighting information, some saying yes, and others no? Can this take full sun in zone 6? Thanks :-)

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In the "northern half" of the country, it can do fine but for example, in the southern/gulf states (line mine), the leaves suffer if exposed to 'full sun' conditions during the summer months. Should you notice that the leaves are scorching during the summer months, feel free to transplant it. Arborescens should be more sun tolerant than macrophyllas in the north.

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I'm in zone 7 and the Annabelles and the Incredibles both
can take full sun, however the blooms will last much longer
if they have at least part shade.

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