Hydrangea in container

lemon306(Z8B La.)August 24, 2004

Anyone successful with hydrangea in large containers?

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janet_la(z8b Louisiana)

I don't have any long term experience, but I had two in the ground from last year, and two in pots from late spring this year. The ones in the pots are huge and look great. The ones in the ground were barely hanging on. I dug them up last week and stuck them in pots. They are already looking worlds better. I used those water crystals in the ones I potted this spring, and they have held up very well even in the hottest part of the day (they are in morning sun and afternoon shade). Whenever I find some larger pots for the ones I just dug up, I definately plan to use the water crystals again.

Hope this helps!


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lemon306(Z8B La.)

Thanks for the info Janet. My sister is moving and gave me a couple she dug. I didn't really have room in the shade bed at home but wanted to try some in containers in a shaded patio area.

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Nell Jean

I stuck a piece that broke off into a big flower pot with something else. The other plant died and the hydrangea rooted. Curiously, it bloomed pink growing in potting soil -- the original plant blooms blue in the ground. It's still in the pot. Just don't forget to water. Oh, and a bird built a nest beside it early in the summer.


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the hydrangea board is very informative and helpful, take a peek. The blue to pink is the acidity of the soil. I grow hydrangeas in FL, but I mulch heavily, have in almost total shade and water deeply instead of just a quick shower.
Also Michael Dirr came out with a book on hydrangeas this spring. Make sure you are growing a variety suited to your area. Aeysha(not sure of spelling) thrives for me in the heat and humidity. Hope this helps

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mandy_g(7 - NEMS)

I'm in Zone 7A and have 7 Hydrangas in large pots. I have had them and overwintered them for 3 years. Mine are both in sun and shade and I really do not notice any difference. I water really well every other day and I will say that mine like to be well drained. They are all beautiful and are growing rapidly. They also bloom well throughout the summer. Good luck on yours!

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