fertilizing beans and peas....help!

kawaiineko_gardener(5a)February 8, 2011

I thought that any kind of bean and peas, needed a fertilizer high in nitrogen. However when I asked about bean inncoulant, I was told that a fertilizer containing too much nitrogen, could stunt the growth of beans and peas.

If a high nitrogen fertilizer isn't a good fertilizer for beans and peas, what is?

I don't mind if people put the ratios as seen on the backs of packages of fertilizers, but please specify what each number stands for with the nutrients.

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Beans ( P. vulgaris) and peas (pisum sativum) or (Vigna unguiculata) do not have high nutrient requirements. Like most fruiting plants an excess of nitrogen leads to excessive plant growth and inhibits blossoming. Result, huge vines with little fruit. Phosphate is the more critical. With most soils if a fertilizer is needed something with an N-P-K ratio of 1-2-1 is sufficient. These are legumes with the ability to fix nitrogen from the air.

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