Hydrangeas for zone 4?

lavender_lass(4b)December 8, 2009

I would love to find a few hydrangeas to put in my garden, but I'm zone 4 and do NOT want white. Nothing against white, but the house is white, so I'd prefer lavender, blue or pink. Don't really care which color, just so I can see it against the house :)

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For colored flowers in zone 4, you are pretty much restricted to those macrophyllas that have been developed to bloom on both old and new wood - 'Endless Summer' and its cousins, the 'Forever and Ever' series, etc. These have the ability to produce flowers even after dying back to the ground in cold weather and also offer increased winter hardiness over most macrophyllas and are generally considered root hardy to at least zone 4 (all other macs are zone 5 or 6).

A second choice would be any of the many newer selections of paniculata that develop early coloring - 'Quick Fire', 'Pinky Winky', etc. - but these will all start out as white flowers.

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Pink Anabelle should be here soon.

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whaas_5a(5A SE WI)

The Pink Anabelle is called 'Invincibelle Spirit'.

This is a new plant, but it is getting alot of hype. Strong stems and did we say a Pink Anabelle?

I'm a huge fan of 'Quick Fire'. Flowers started out white...lets say for 2 weeks than over 6-8 weeks they change from a light pink to a very dark rosy pink. Color transition adds alot of character. So your getting much more Pink than white.

'Twist and Shout' is another pink bloomer. Supposed to be more blue in acidic soils.

Also I'm asumming you have a white house...in my opinion the white blooms "pop" on the green foilage more so than other colors.

I have pink hydrangeas in my front yard and the White Meidiland Roses looks the best because the white pop of the roses ties in with the white of my house.

Below is a young Quickfire in early July.

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