Hydrangea transplanting in NC

hhiiiDecember 21, 2009

I am in charlotte NC and last monday was able to dig up a large mature Hydrangea. it was a quickie dig last minute and ended up spliting root ball in 1/2 cut it back a bit and put it into my garage, roots exposed etc. due to lack of time it is still in my garage hoping to not freeze. So going on 7 days exposed will it make it? being dorment I assume it is to cold to put it in ground... my thought was to get burlap or a plastic bag with soil wrap it up till spring and out into ground. is it worth the effort at this point? again I am in nc and we are getting 20's at night and mid 40's in the days...

thanks in advance

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Is your soil frozen? If not, go ahead and plant in the ground. While dormant, deciduous shrubs and trees are very adaptable to/tolerant of transplanting and the plant(s) would be much happier in the ground with the roots protected from cold and able to access moisture than it would be stored as-is in your garage.

If the soil is frozen....and that's not often a concern in zone 7.....then go ahead an pot up the shrub using your plastic bag method or a large nursery container. Check periodically to make sure the soil surrounding the roots is just barely moist to the touch -- you may have to water occasionally. And store in protected location where the temperature is not going to fall much below freezing. Roots are the most vulnerable parts of a plant to cold and can suffer irreparable damage if exposed to severe cold without the benefitting insulation of the ground.

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