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skeipFebruary 17, 2010

Cook's Garden offers a haricot vert type bean called Parisian. I grew it last year and it was really good and my families favorite. I got more seed this year, but from what I can tell searching on line, they are the only one offering it, and I would hate not to be able to grow it in the future. I would like to plant a row and save the seed. Does anyone know if this in an OP variety or a hybrid? I can't seem to find anymore information online, and the company is not forthcoming! TYIA.


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Beans are pretty much all OP.

Will you be growing any other beans? As long as your beans do not cross pollinate with other beans the seeds should come true. Even if you are growing other beans the chances of cross pollination are pretty low.

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

No beans sold commercially are technically "hybrids", as the term is commonly used. They will grow true-to-type from saved seed, as long as they do not cross with other beans you might be growing (and even that is unlikely). By all means, save seed!

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