antignon/leptopus coral vine

tinaturnerAugust 18, 2012

I had seeds that I planted along with a root...from a dear freind & cousin..I've had growth for 2 years now...but never a is in a large pot...should I plant in the grown? It is in sun most of the day. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will post pic..need to take one!


Slidell, La

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Wow, no response all this time? Remember this vine, fondly, growing up in New Orleans. Was too young when planted, but assume it was a plant purchase. Our front of house faced west, so the vines got intense afternoon sun/heat, climbing up the window's screen. Contact your extension service or ask at an independent garden center. They should have the info you need. Or, check a book -- surely there's one in your area library -- that would provide culture data. Good luck.

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