please help....can I move my yucca recurvifolia ?

mountain_grown(Z7)August 2, 2006

I have one planted too close to a drive and would like to move it .

It has 3 feet of trunk and single headed . . a real beautiful specimen but I dont want to move it if any of you think it might not take the transplant well .

What would be the best way to move it and the best care to follow .

Thanks in advance !

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i'm not familiar w/ cacti type plants. but i googled your yucca and did not find much on transplanting. however i did not spend a lot of time searching. you could google and find it's dormant time. what i suggest is moving it when it is least active in growth. dig the new hole first or prepare the container and be ready. when you do move it, do it as quick as possible and let it settle in. i did read something on google about a transplant that was not watered for a few days. usually when we transplant something we water it more frequently til it re-establishes. this may not be the case for yucca and other cacti types. i bet there is a cacti/succulent forum and they would answer you. good luck with it.

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