Eek, beans, what now?

daw_etc(8 Cen CA)February 12, 2009

So I had some of those small white beans from the store, in a package. The ones you have to soak before cooking. Anyways, I was going to make them and then I remembered elementary school where our teacher had us put lima beans or something in a damp paper towel and they grew little plants out of them. So I did that with three beans and I checked and two are growing things out of them! What do I do now? When should I put them in soil? I wasn't really expecting much to happen so now I'm unprepared!



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congratulations! You have REAL Beanie Babies.

Either get a pot or else plant them in the ground outdoors. They need to be in soil very soon either way.


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daw_etc(8 Cen CA)

Thanks, will do!

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daw_etc(8 Cen CA)

Okay, help again, please! It's driving me mad. I planted the two that looked promising on the 13th and they haven't come up from the soil yet! There is just bare sad-looking soil sitting there :( Should they have broken the surface yet..?

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Sounds like they were duds and didn't germinate. That is not uncommon, especially with seed purchased from the grocery store.


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