Sunmaster AgroSun Hortilux MH bulb worth the money?

yellowthumb(5a Ontario)January 24, 2009

I am going to buy a 1000W MH bulb and I am wondering which one is the best. My intention is for the vigorous vegetative growth. There are general brands like GE, Phillips and there are named brands like Sunmaster, AgroSun, Hortilux. But their prices are much higher, I am just wondering if it's worth the money to buy the named brand like Sunmaster or Hortilux. What's your experience with Sunmaster Cool Deluxe? What's the performance difference between a Sunmaster Cool Deluxe and a regular bulb like GE or Phillips?

Thanks for kind help


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1000w is a ton of light. Since I am inherently frugal I am using regular HPS and MH $10-$15 bulbs in 2 400w fixtures with very good results. The advantage with the specialty agro bulbs is a wider spectrum of light, especially more red/yellow in the mostly blue MH spectrum. I started with 400w MH only and the vegetative growth was truly spectacular. We have added HPS to help flowering, but our control plant in just MH is flowering as well. We are getting the broader spectrum through the use of 2 types of bulbs and sun through a window, but in a cost trade, I am not sure the 2 to 3 times the price gets you 2-3 times the performance. The pretty color graphs show a big difference, but I am not sure the plants can read that color chart all that well. If you are looking at veggies and recreational plant growth I personally would not spend the extra $. I must admit that I have no personal experience with these high performance bulbs and would be interested in hearing from someone that has used both, but I do not see the cost/performance trade. My 2 cents.


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yellowthumb(5a Ontario)

Thanks Larry for your kindness.
I am having the idea that 2 or 3 times price difference is a bit too much for just marginal performance improvement. Actually the regular MH bulbs have longer life span and are putting out more lights in lumens, but not sure about the PAR watts, but it got be good otherwise how come the plants are responding so well. Obviously the plants do not care the brand of the bulb as long as there is sufficient light they can use.

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