Question: mounting CFLs - vertical or horizontal?

hambobJanuary 29, 2009

So here's the question assuming I'm using some type of reflector either way, which is a better/more effecient means of mounting CFLs? Vertically or horizontally?

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Yes, inquiring mines want to know. Me too. I sure like the looks of the home made reflector with two horizontal bulbs. Am going to make one. Before I saw his video, I bought a four bulb vanity bar from E-bay. So I can go either way.

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Not as much light comes out the end of the bulb as from the sides, so aim the side at the plants and use reflectors to redirect what misses.

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And inquiring "minds" too!

Unless you are trying to grow only a couple of plants, I would go with horizontal. But if it is one or two plants in a small hydro unit or similar, I would go vertical and buy one of those cheap cylindrical reflectors.


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You can also hang them around the plant(s) vertically so you're lighting them from the sides.

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