Trying to find Cabbage Peas

linny57February 6, 2008

I cannot find anyone, (outside the locals here), who has ever heard of Cabbage peas. I've searched and searched on line, but all I get are recipes for cabbage and peas! They don't taste or smell like cabbage, so I don't know why they are called that. They are a small green pea. Kind of a medium green, not dark. Not quite as small as a Lady pea. The eye is the same color as the pea, and they are just sooo good. I sure would like to grow some. Anyone?

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I have not heard the Term. Can you clarify whether it is an English pea (Pisum sativa) or a southern pea/cowpea ( Vigna unguiculata).

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I know it's not an English pea, and it's not a Cow Pea. I also know it's not a Cream pea, or Crowder pea. Sadly, I just know what it's not! If you have any other ideas I sure would love to hear them, and thank you for replying.

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Where did you get your seed?

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We used to be able to buy them from the local feed store. When we moved back here after being gone for several years, the store said they had not been able to get them for three or more years. I never thought they might become "extinct".

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How about asking the local feed store who the supplier was during that time, then contact that supplier.
Also, an ad in the local paper could be one way to find someone who may have saved some seed.

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Two excellent ideas oldpea! Wish I had thought of them myself. I will go to the feed store tomorrow morning, and come Monday I will place an ad in the local paper. Thank you very much.


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I found them!

I got an email today from someone that has some seed. I will get a dozen or so in the near future. I am so excited to find someone that knew what I was talking about and better yet will part with some seed. Just wanted to share the good news. It might seem silly, but I am so excited at the prospect. It will, of course, be at least a season before I have any to share, but if anyone out there is interested, I would love to share and have you experience the taste. I did get one reply from someone also looking for cabbage pea seed, whose name I cannot remember, and cannot find it through searching this site. Whoever you are, if you see this post, I will absolutely save some for you. Before I promise that though...I have never saved seed and any advice on how to do so will be greatly appreciated. I live down here in North Florida where we have hot and humid days even in fall and winter. After searching all this time for seed, it would be heartbreaking to not save the seed correctly.


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But what are they, lol. Curious minds want to know. : )
Saving seed is easy. You just let the pods mature on the plant. The pods will become dry. Once dry, pick them and bring them inside and shell them all. Keep them in a paper bag in a cool dry place. You probably have weevils down where you are you may need to freeze them for a bit to kill them.
There is more info on the link,

Here is a link that might be useful: Saving Bean seed

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Hi Remy,

I love curious minds! Cabbage peas are a small pale green pea. My mother says she always heard they were sort of a "gourmet" pea. They have a distinct taste that is very good. They do not however, taste like cabbage, so I don't know where the name comes from!

Thanks for the information and the link on saving the seed. I appreciate it and it does sound easy. You are right about the weevils, so I will freeze them for a bit. Would you think a day or two in the freezer would do it?


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Could they be chickpeas (cici or garbonzos are the other names)? Although they are pale yellow when dried, they are green when fresh. I was curious about this because they do resemble little cabbages. Although not as popular as many beans grown here, they are very popular the world over.

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Maypop, they aren't Garbanzos, but I love those too, and they have such a great flavor. And you are right, they do resemble little cabbages. The cabbage pea more resembles a miniature black-eyed pea, with the pea being pale green and the eye just a litte darker green than the pea.

Thanks for your input though. Now I'm thinking I will try to grow some Garbanzos too!

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Hello Linny i would be very interested in some of your cabbage pea seed if they produce for you this year. I have 2 varieties that you may be interested in as well both of which seem to have been lost 1 is called floricreme or floracreme which was developed for Florida many years ago so I'm told, the other is called red reggie, cannot tell you any history of this one other than my family has saved it for over 20 years the other has been saved by a former agriculture teacher for about 30 years. I just aquired the floricreme last fall and now have seed to share if you are interested thanks Mel

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trying to find a few seed for the cabbage pea. I would give anything to get these seed again' Thanking you in advance if you can help me.
Have a blessed day

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Just a thought, but do you think 'cabbage' could be a corruption of the German 'Kapuziner' or the Dutch 'Capuzijner'?

Here is a link that might be useful: Capuzijner/ Kapuziner Peas.

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The Cabbage Pea ( Bush White Acre )

Here is a link that might be useful: Bush White Acre

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