When can I start transplanting?

soundgarden(z8/ New Orleans, La)August 2, 2005

I'm planning to redo the gardens in my front yard, but I will need to dig everything up and put it in containers and/or temporary beds. When would be the best time for me to do this to avoid putting too much stress on the plants?


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I would wait till it cools down a little. It is too hot right now. You also have to make sure the the transplants have time to develop a strong root system before what cold weather we have sets in. I would say the end of Sept. or begining of Oct.


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Fall through winter are the best times in Louisiana. Gives shrubs and trees plenty of time to establish a root system before new top growth begins in the spring.

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True shrubs and trees transplant best over winter but if you are talking tropicals or other tenders like begonias wait till the worst of the winter weather is past ... early spring. Others like palms transplant best in the summer heat.

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