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dmmandile(z5ma)June 16, 2005

When I was a child my mother had a bed or Bearded Iris. This was about 40 years ago. You could smell them from the sidewalk. I have bought several Iris myself but none are very scented. Even the ones sold as historic highly scented don't seem to have as much scent as I remember and I have to get right up next to them to smell them.

What is a good source for highly scented Bearded Iris? It is time consuming to browse each description of the various catalogs and then still be disappointed with the results.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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The two most strongly fragrant tall beardeds I know are SUGAR BLUES and ENGLISH COTTAGE, both of which also happen to be rebloomers.

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Iris pallida and its descendents are very fragrant. Caprice is an example.

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There are many sources for I. pallida and other historic iris: Argyle Acres, Bluebird Haven, Superstition... The World Iris Association has a page with vendors of historic iris.

Here is a link that may be useful: Iris vendors

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Cooley's and Schreiner's have fragrant collections of iris.

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I have an iris with large, delicately pale pink flowers, which smells distinctly like peaches. I have no information about it, so far, and have never encountered a peach-smelling iris before. There are photos of it on my Flickr site (am talking about the ones that are wholly a pale, pastel pink color, with no amber or umber edges):

Here is a link that might be useful: My Iris Photos

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