Gulf Coast Chapter-American Hibiscus Society

gulfportgardener(MS 9)August 25, 2005

HI, I am new to this forum. I was browsing on the website of the American Hibiscus Society and did not find a listing for a chapter on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I was a little surprised. They grow so well here and I see them in many yards.

Anyone interested in starting a chapter? If I am correct,we only need ten people for a chapter.

By the way, just found a great source for Cajun Hibiscus here in Gulfport (may be old news, but new to me).Purchased 7 (yes, I know, I got carried away) last weekend and have been treated to at least one awesome bloom of some kind each day. Can hardly wait to get home from work each day to see what I have.

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Dear gulfportgardener,

I have been sitting here crying after reading your sweet post about starting a chapter of the Amer. Hibiscus Soc. in your area and hearing through your words, your excitment over your beautiful Hibiscus blooms on August 25th, just a week ago. After seeing on TV all the mass destruction from Hurricane Katrina that swept through that quiet little town, I know that your beautiful home and gardens are more than likely all gone now...but praying that you are safe and well somewhere.

My thoughts are random, scattered and is how I feel right now concerning your situation.

And on top of all the loss, all the suffering, the horror and the grief in the aftermath, comes the lowly scavengers and looters, who would plunder & steal what little someone has left of their life that they worked so hard to get.

My jerk reflex reaction is that the looters should be shot. God, that sounds so awful. We think our society has come so far and made so many advancements and then something like this happens and the savage man within resurfaces in some people. They are a stain. Praise to the thousands who put their lives on the line now to go in and help. Praise to those who give.

I have such mixed feelings about what should be done to stop it. Marshal Law is scarry, for certain. Sometimes people get angry and scared and over react and make bad mistakes in judgement and innocent people can suffer, but it may be the only way to get a handle on the situation and be a deterrent to any others.

Sounds so awful to read my own words........Me, a PEACE-loving girl who doesn't believe in violence and killing...but aggressive violence and self-protection are two very different motives.

Too much madness & sadness in the world today.

My heart and love goes out to all my Louisiana brothers and sisters, and you, dear gulfportgardener, wherever you may be right now, I pray for peace in all this misery, and that you and yours will be safe out of harm's way, and that we will someday soon hear from you again.

PEACE be unto you,
from a former Shreveport, Louisiana girl...Annie

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