What tropical fruit trees can I grow in Lake Charles

southernflowerAugust 21, 2007

Hi All,

I am new to the Lake Charles area and am very excited about the tropical plants I can grow here. I recently bought a mango tree from the local Lowe's. The lable reads it's hardy to zone 10. Can I plant it in the ground or do I have to keep it in a container. If I keep it in a container, will it bear fruit?

I am also considering buying a lychee tree, but have the same questions.

Thank you so much for any information.

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Mangos will not survive here. Young mangos will freeze at temps lower than 30 degrees and adult trees will not survive much lower than 25 degrees.
You may want to try bananas and Citrus.

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I had a friend, she passed, but she had a edible pear tree in her yard. I wanted to have some one graf it to one or to small limbs on my eating pear. However the boys sold the place. You may want to ask around.

Re Mangos, suggest you talk to the university in your area you may possibly put it in a extra large pot when you can put it in a shed for the winter. God Bless

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Thank you both very much! I will grow my mango in a pot then. I'll try citrus and maybe a pomegranate next year....

Thanks again.

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Try a LoQuat (spelling?) Not many people eat them here, but they are popular in other parts of the world. Also, Cumquats (spell?) and persimmons.

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