Help! Any other name for navy beans?

angela.tFebruary 8, 2013

I've not been to this forum before(usually over in the Tomato one), but I have a question for ya'll that is just STUMPING me!

I wanna grow navy beans this year, as I've heard they're the ones that are most commonly in baked beans. Issue? NO ONE seems to have "navy bean" seeds! Not my local nursery, not Burpees, and even Amazon MAYBE has one seller with them, but they had a weird "pea" name after it I believe, so I'm not ever sure that's legit.

So my question is, is there another more "official" name navy beans masquerade under, or different "navy bean" varieties(like tomatoes have black krim, opalka, etc.), or how should I find seeds for them for sale? Help would be greatly appreciated! :D

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sweetquietplace(6 WNC Mtn.)

Have you thought about buying a bag of navy beans in the grocery store? Save out the best looking beans to use as seed and cook the rest. I've done that before and usually they'll sprout for me.

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Navy beans are pretty widely available. Usually from companies which sell older varieties of beans.
The official name for Navy beans is the Michigan Pea bean. As noted above, the grocery store version is a good source of seed. A few places offer them as French Navy beans.

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Thank you you two. I had read SweetQuietPlace's yesterday and was a little sketch on the idea, as I figured they're probably a hybrid seed(what isn't in food production these days), so maybe they wouldn't produce true to seed. But still, a decent enough idea I suppose had I not learned the real name.

Farmerdill, I wish I would have seen your post earlier! I stopped by my local nursery today to pick their brains about it, and my fav lady(a brillant Master Gardener), after much looking things up, found out, like you said Farmer, that they're also known as Michigan Pea beans. Didn't know about the French Navy bean though, so thanks for another name to find it under! All I'm sayin' is why not just call 'em what everyone knows 'em as: Navy bean! ;D

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