My Little Gem Magnolia broke :-(

nolaphoto1August 12, 2010

Hi folks. I have a question about a Little Gem Magnolia I planted this past spring. I purchased a grafted tree in a 5 gallon pot and planted using the advice found in Dan Gill's books. It's only about 4ft in height and has a trunk diameter of about an 1.5". Two weeks ago it developed it's first flower. The flower lasted only 2 days before drying out and falling. It was one of those 99° days. Then a week later, another flower appeard on a different branch and it too fell away in just a few days. With all of this heat I've been making sure I water it once a week. I water it late in the evening and into early night so that the water can soak into the soil rather than simply evaporate. Well, to my instant shock, I came home yesterday and found that a portion of the tree had completely snapped from it's trunk. It was a main vertical branch that gave the little tree most of it's current height above the first horizontal branch. Now my little tree is about a foot shorter. I didn't find the damage until late in the afternoon and by that time it had been exposed to the heat and felt compeltely dry. The leaves of the tree are green with their bronze undersides. The leaves of the broken portion are the same color. We havn't had any damaging winds to report. Anyone have any input or comments about this? Does this happen in the early development of a grafted tree?

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Never heard of this happening. Could it have been an animal climbing or a deer? That is such bad luck.
I have a little gem, it has stayed pretty small, I guess aobut 5 ft tall, it doesn't bloom alot but I don't give it extra water. It seems quite healthy though as far as the foliage and no disease or pests.

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