Looking for few varieties for PNW

miss_tati(6b/7a (Victoria, BC))February 15, 2014

There's a few more pole beans I'd like to try and I cannot find any Canadian sources. Unfortunately I missed ordering a couple of them from Remy; she's sold-out and is one of the few US sources that will ship here.

As I know they're all supposed to be delicious, can anyone that's grown these compare their production in a cool climate? I have limited gardening space and want the best value for flavour.

Shelly: Jembo Polish
Full Bean: Tobacco Worm / Tennessee Cutshort
Green Romano: Bosnian Pole / Serbian Pole
Yellow Romano: Gold of Bacau / Zlatac / Golden Gate

I'd love to find another source (only the 2 full beans are availble from Sandhill), or if anyone nearby has a few to trade.


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Bosnian Pole, Tobacco Worm and Tennessee Cutshort all do very well here south of Seattle. The last two are very fine full beans.

Anellino Giallo is another very fine full bean that you may be able to find there. - Dick

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LoboGothic(6b SW Ontario CANADA)

Hi Tatiana,

I have Jembo Polish (excellent variety) and Gold of Bacau. Could trade you a few to get you going. Please write.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Tatiana contact me through my member's page. I can help you out with Tobacco Worm, Tennessee Cutshort and Bosnian Pole.


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Annette that would be an excellent combination. I got to have Bosnian Pole shellies for lunch today. What a treat! - Dick

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hementia8(8 MS)

I have Golden Gate,,so does Territorial Seed in Oregon
They have many beans and other vegies adapted to your climate

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miss_tati(6b/7a (Victoria, BC))

LoboGothic and Annette...you have mail (thanks!)

I was **trying** to limit myself to one variety of each type I listed, and now you have me looking up Anellino Gallo! Lol...thanks Dick! I think I must have skipped over previous discussions because I grew a green shrimp bean in the past that just wouldn't take off in my cool/windy conditions. But I admit it does sound tasty and tempting...thankfully it is carried by Franchi, and a friend of mine is a Franchi distributor, so I should be able to get my hands on that one.

Charlie...you know I hadn't looked at Territorial's site for awhile because they used to not ship to Canada (maybe an early agreement with West Coast seeds which was essentially the 'Canadian division', although they carried slightly different lines and a reduced catalogue). So they do indeed ship here now, but for $17.50 US! That's a bit steep for only a couple of packs, but it's good to know it's available. Have you grown the Gold of Bacau as well...any comparisons?

Thanks all,

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hementia8(8 MS)

Tatiana I have not grown that one
The most productive yellow for me has been Kentucky Golden Wax,Gold Marie and,Neckagold

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Tatiana, no mail yet, try again. If you don't hear from me that means your email is not getting through.


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LoboGothic(6b SW Ontario CANADA)

Tatiana, same situation as Annette. I will try emailing you.

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miss_tati(6b/7a (Victoria, BC))

Lobo - I sent you a 2nd msg through GW, because they didn't go through yesterday. After I click send it goes to an astrology page and I get no confirmation or copy sent to me, so I'm not sure it's working.

If you still don't get it can you email me direct, as your email isn't visible.


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The yellow beans that have worked well in my part of the PNW are Anellino Giallo which is a fine full bean and Uzice Speckled wax which is also a fine late shelly. Kentucky Wonder Wax languished in in our cool summer nights. Barksdale grows well but it is difficult to save seeds.

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

"Goldmarie" (mentioned by Hementia) is a good pole wax variety; very long pods, sweet flavor, a high yield, and very quick to mature. It did very well here in Wisconsin, and you could probably save seed for it in much of lower Canada.

"Uzice Speckled Wax" is a similar flat-podded wax variety & has the added benefit of large seeds good as a shellies... but it has a much longer DTM for dry seed.

"Kentucky Wonder Wax" did poorly for me as well, it was not very tolerant of cool, wet weather, and had disease problems during a wet spell... so probably not a good choice for the PNW.

As for "Zlatac", there probably are not too many sources, but I maintain it as part of my collection. Several other GW members grow it as well.

My seed for "Jembo Polish" is old, I hope to grow it for seed this year. I also hope to grow the sample of "Serbian Pole" sent to me by Annette, so that I will have enough to share... with luck, I'll have good quantities of both in the Fall.

Annette (aftermidnight) and Drloyd live in the PNW, so theirs would be the best recommendations. I would also recommend contacting Salt Spring Seeds, or visiting them... they preserve more than they list in their catalog. Also, while searching to see if there was a commercial source for "Zlatac", I came across a great blog by someone who lives & gardens in the San Juan Islands (Lopez Island Kitchen Gardens). I'd hoped to provide a link, but for some reason my "copy & paste" function is not working, looks like I have some computer maintenance to do tonight.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

I grew 'Uzice Speckled Wax' in 2012, didn't taste them so can't comment on flavor, I only had a few seeds so left them all for seed. They grew well for me, I had no problems saving seed.

I really like 'Barksdale' actually this is the one that turned me on to wax beans, never really cared for them before. Steamed for a few minutes it was very tender and for me a buttery flavor. I've been growing this one every year since I obtained seed, one year I don't have a problem saving seed, the next year if it turns wet in September, I still get seed but I have to pick the pods, finish drying them on trays. I'll be growing it again this year hoping eventually it will settle in to my climate.

'Tobacco Worm' is another that did very well for me, no problem getting dried seed. I found the flavor a little different from what I was used to, strong for want of a better word, but it grew on me and after two or three feeds I really enjoyed them.

'Tennessee Cutshorts' tried them as a snap bean, not bad but as a full bean what can I say YUM, one of my favorites, no problem getting dried seed, a winner in my books.

'Bosnian Pole', loved it as a snap but as a full bean it was REALLY good, it's on my favorites list, no problem saving seed.

My 'Auntie Vi's', for those of you who have A. Vi's I now know the history on this bean, and think it should be renamed in honor of the lady who brought this bean with her when she immigrated to Canada in 1911. I'll start another thread on this.

'Cherokee Trail of Tears' and 'Mr. Tung's' are good old standby of ours, when I grow these ones we actually get to eat most of them, got to keep that DH of mine happy LOL.
Being a collector at heart I search out and grow as many of the hard to find varieties as I can each year, not a lot of any one variety but enough that I can share with one or two people in hopes that they will do the same. So many have gone the way of the Dodo bird but some that were thought to be extinct thanks to some backyard seed saver are once again back in circulation.


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miss_tati(6b/7a (Victoria, BC))

You all are such a wealth of knowledge and experience and I'm grateful to be able to share in this community!

Thanks to the generosity of GW members I will be trying 5 of the varieties on my list this year, which is more than I could have hoped for. Excited to enter the world of shellies and full beans, which I suppose due to our climate have not been the tradition this far north. Last summer was great for beans and I had a good haul, but realistically I know not every summer will be like last. I was so happy to find a tender and stringless runner bean that I can eat at any stage for the pod or save for seeds (Desiree).

As for yellow beans, I grow Dragon's Tongue every year, which I love, and I'll also be trying Roc d'Or. I find the bush beans do well against the wind being that they're shorter and earlier...but I'm still looking for the best tasting climber. I just want one! The Neckargold did alright for me last year, but I wasn't blown away by the flavour. So this year will be trying the Gold of Bacau. I've noticed that Fedco Seeds (who have a good listing of PNW-hardy varieties) has dropped GofB in favour of Golden Gate, so next year I may still have to try that one, plus Annelino Giallo, Zlatac, and Uzice Speckled...LOL

Zeedman--thanks for mentioning Saltspring Seeds and the fantastic sanctuary work they do, I do know Dan Jason and have passed things on to him in the past. I tried for awhile to get a sample of Brita's Footlong, which he no longer offers, but he just didn't have enough. Hopefully with the new seed library they're starting, more of these obscure varieties will be available and shared. I've also read that blog from the San Juan's, which confirmed to me that many of those beans can be grown successfully up this way. Did you see the bean tasting post??...I want to have a bean tasting party, maybe with some bacon-wrapped hors d'oeuvres and a little wine!

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Tatiana, I have a packet of Brita's I bought from Dan a couple of years ago, I haven't had a chance to grow them yet. If you want to grow them this year I will send you half my pack if you will send some seed back to me in the fall.
I also have Uzice Speckled wax, I only had 4 or 5 seeds to start with so didn't sample any, can't tell you about the flavor but maybe someone else can, you want a few :).
Here's a picture of the bean pod at the shelly stage. Annette

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miss_tati(6b/7a (Victoria, BC))

Annette, that would be a terrific plan if I had more room! I assumed you had more grow room that I, LOL. I loved the Soissons Blanc so much that now I may not need another dry white bean. I also noticed that you were growing out Samos Greek Lima for seed this year...and I have lots I could share, maybe that would free up a spot for you??

And that photo of Uzice Speckled Wax is simply stunning! I didn't know about the red pod colouration and I do love dual purpose...ahh it's all so tempting ;)

Thanks for offering...Let me get back to you once I finalize some lists and figure out where I'm going to put everything. Tatiana

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